It is spring time, at least that’s what the calendar says, and that means that it is time to perform your Spring Cleaning.  This is a great time of the year to clean or inspect the condensing system serving your refrigeration system.  If you don’t want to do it, Carlson and Stewart Refrigeration will certainly help.

Here are some tips – starting with the small systems and getting more complex.

·        Save some energy at home by cleaning out your central air conditioning condensing unit.  Start by shutting off the electric power to the outdoor condensing unit – there should be a disconnect switch close by.  Then remove as much of the sheet metal housing as is reasonable so that you can access the condenser fins and tubing.  Then use a garden hose to wash all of the grass clippings, dust, and other foreign stuff out of the condenser.  Be careful not to use too much water pressure and flatten the soft aluminum fins.  Then reassemble the unit.  As long as you are servicing your A/C you might as well replace your furnace filters. 

·        Save some energy at work by cleaning the condensers on your self-contained display cabinets.  These condensers are often tucked away, out of sight, and are easy to overlook.  The condenser is the finned coil (looks like a radiator) with a fan to move air through it.  Cleaning out the dust with compressed air or water will allow the refrigeration system to operate more efficiently.  Carlson and Stewart service technicians will certainly provide this service if you do not want to perform the task yourself.

·        The remote air cooled condensers serving larger systems are most often on the roof of the building and are “out-of-sight, out-of-mind”.  These larger condensers collect a surprising amount of cottonwood lint and other debris.  It works best to wash these out with a garden hose and water spray.  Care must be taken to keep the water away from the condenser fans.  This work is best accomplished by an experienced service technician.  Call Carlson and Stewart for assistance; we will be glad to provide the service.

·        The larger system utilizing evaporative condensers require a different type of “cleaning”.  The operators of these systems typically use a water treatment service company to monitor and control the water chemistry in their systems.  One of the goals of the water treatment is to prevent the accumulation of chemical scale on the tubes in the condenser.  The best way to ensure that the water treatment is working properly is to visually inspect the condenser tube bundle.  This will likely require that the unit be shut down, fans turned off, and water spray shut off.  The air louvers and / or mist eliminators will need to be removed in order to provide a good look at the tubes.  Documentation of the inspection with a written report and photos of the tubes will allow for comparison during future inspections.  Again, Carlson and Stewart Refrigeration has service technicians that can provide this service for you.