Baker Boy: Premium bakery stays on-trend while Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration keeps it cool

Baker Boy specializes in delivering the foodservice, bakery, convenience store and food manufacturing markets with the best in bakery products. With 50 years in the business, the premier bakery supplier has to remain at the forefront of consumer tastes and trends.

So while Baker Boy dedicates itself to what it knows best – the business of great food – it relies on Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration’s (CSR’s) expertise to ensure its 135,000 sq. ft. facility in Dickinson, ND, is always able to meet the demands of its many loyal clients.

Two decades of trust

In 1992, Baker Boy consulted with CSR about its then-freon-based refrigeration system. CSR suggested Baker Boy move to an ammonia refrigeration system, and worked closely with them to help procure the proper equipment, engineer the system and install the needed equipment.

“CSR really provided us with an education in ammonia refrigeration,” says Guy Moos, president and CEO, Baker Boy. “Then, and now, CSR has always done a nice job of presenting the correct solution to any of our needs.”

And that’s why, twenty years later, Baker Boy relies on CSR for ongoing service and to provide system design for its recent, 50,000 sq. ft. facility expansion.

“Our on-site technicians are trained to maintain our system, but when we do have an issue beyond minor maintenance, we call CSR,” says Moos. “And although we are somewhat far away from their headquarters, we’ve never had an issue with prompt response and resolution.”

The quality of CSR’s workmanship continues to provide value, as well.

“The original compressor we installed 20 years ago is still working. We just retired the original condensers,” says Moos. “And that makes me pretty happy.”

Guy Moos
Baker Boy