Cold Spring Brewing Company working relationship with CSR is as strong as ever.

Reliability and Support


Cold Spring Brewing Company has been a long-standing customer of Central Minnesota Refrigeration (CMR).  Following the acquisition of CMR by Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration (CSR) in October 2011, the working relationship is as strong as ever. 

Cory Schreifels is the Purchasing Manager at Cold Spring Brewing Company.  Following a recent installation of new glycol chillers in their brew house, Cory shared the following comments:

“Thank you for your help and support.  I definitely appreciate everything you have assisted us with personally along with what your company has done for us.  The glycol system came up without fail.”  He added that the skills of the technicians are top-notch and looks forward to the expertise that CSR brings to the refrigeration area of Cold Spring Brewing Company.

Cory Schreifels

Cold Spring Brewing Company, Cold Spring, MN