For growing grocery chain, CSR is a "one-stop-shop" for cooling needs

Gary Thompson, General Manager, Maynard’s, has been doing business with Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration (CSR) for 24 years.

"We put such trust in CSR," says Thompson. "And that’s a huge part of the value of doing business with them."

Their first and only call


CSR provides all of Maynard’s refrigeration installation, remote system monitoring and repairs for the chain’s 15 grocery stores and convenience and liquor store throughout in Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota. After continuously demonstrating its commitment and value to Maynard’s over the years, CSR is now Thompson’s only go-to for any of his refrigeration system needs.

Those needs include value-added services such as heat reclaimation to save energy costs, consultation on floor drain systems and consultation on ways Maynard’s can save costs on its installation.

"We are a smaller retailer, so have to extend the life of our equipment," says Thompson. "But even when CSR recommended to us refurbished equipment to save costs, they sourced and installed it so we can’t tell that it’s not brand new."

A shared commitment to service and ethics

Thompson recalls a recent service need he had at 10 p.m. on a Sunday night. CSR delivered on its 24/7/365 service promise to get a freezer up and running before Maynard’s opened its doors Monday morning.

"When they repair something, it’s usually done right the first time," he says.

Like CSR, Maynard’s has survived - and thrived - in a competitive industry by creating a company culture of hard work, and a commitment to treating its employees and customers as people first. Thompson sees that same ethic in CSR - from its management to its field personnel.

"Everyone at CSR stands behind their work," he says. "They’re a first-class company."

Gary Thompson