Jone's Food Store in Parker, SD

Greg McDowell, Service Coordinator:  After making some customer survey calls this morning to several Sioux Falls customers, I wanted to share the conversation I had with Tony, the manager of the Jone's Food Store in Parker, SD.  Corey was there on a service call last week. I was going through the questions, and Tony had rated Corey a five on the first two questions. When I posed the third question regarding professionalism, Tony's immediate response was "I'd rate all your guys a 10."  He said it is a pleasure to work with all of them and they never appear to be in a bad or negative mood no matter what time of day or night they get called out.  He enjoys having them there when he needs us because they are friendly, like to share a joke or laugh with you, but at the same time get right to work and take care of the problem.  Tony stated that before he started working with CSR, he worked with a refrigeration company that just did not deliver the level of service and professionalism that CSR does.