From simple service to complete system upgrade

Ten years ago, Mike’s Jack & Jill grocery store was experiencing ongoing problems with its refrigeration system and vendor.

"Things just weren’t getting better," says Mike Grosek, owner, Mike’s Jack & Jill, Webster, SD.

That’s when it turned to Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration (CSR) for help. At first, CSR simply provided service to Mike’s struggling systems - and quickly demonstrated why it had such an excellent reputation for consistent, quick and expert consultation and diagnostics.

Fairness, honesty and great workmanship

When Mike’s Jack & Jill underwent a complete remodel of its 17,000 sq. ft. facility about 18 months ago, Grosek seized the opportunity to capitalize even more on CSR’s design-to-installation commercial refrigeration expertise.

"We just handed the project to CSR," says Mike. "We just knew they would treat us fairly."

CSR installed all of Mike’s refrigeration equipment, and today provides ongoing service, remote diagnostics and a quarterly preventive maintenance program. Grosek says every one of his interactions with CSR is backed by fairness, honesty and great workmanship.

"If we ever have a problem, they either diagnose it remotely or are on the road immediately," says Grosek. "And whether they are on an emergency or maintenance call, the techs always make sure we understand what the problem is, so it doesn’t happen again." says Grosek. "We know they’re not here to help themselves - they’re always here to help us."

Mike Grosek
Mike’s Jack and Jill, Webster, SD