Thank You - Fareway Stores, Inc. - Orange City, IA

Fareway Stores Inc. - Orange City, IA

Attn:  Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration,

I would like to take a minute to point out the amazing job that Kelly Wilken and Nick Pohlen did in our store.  Both gentlemen went above and beyond the call of duty.  They were always helpful and polite.  You could not ask them to represent your company any better.  Please take a minute to thank them for the amazing job they do.

I also have an amazing crew and it is always helpful for people to remind me not to take them for granted.  You have two individuals that I would be proud if they represented me, because when they were here they represented both our companies in the grandest way possible.  It has been a great partnership between our companies and people like Kelly and Nick make it great.  It has been my honor and pleasure to have them in my store.


Bret Wilts

Fareway Stores Inc.

512 8th St. S.E.

Orange City, IA  51041