Adiabatic Coolers

Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration has replaced many evaporative condensers over the years.  Most of the time they are replaced with direct replacements because the existing steel structure is available.  In some instances, the steel structures need to be replaced due to corrosion.  CSR has also observed condensers that have needed to be replaced prematurely because of inadequate water treatment.  Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration has been investigating a technology that has recently gained traction in the market: adiabatic fluid coolers and refrigerant condensers.

Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration believes that the use of adiabatic technology could eliminate the need for water treatment equipment, chemicals, and on-site observation by 3rd parties.  Additional cost savings would be recognized in reduced water usage and sewer costs as well.  CSR understands that there are changes that would need to be made, specifically in footprint and structural steel.  Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration feels these considerations could be cost justified for new installations.  CSR understands that the justification is harder for retrofits.

Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration would like to talk with you about your next condenser project.  CSR can provide engineering assistance in sizing and selecting new condensers as well as provide “out of the box” suggestions for cost and energy savings.

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