You are receiving this notice because you are the owner / operator of a refrigeration or air-conditioning system that utilizes R-22 refrigerant and we want you to understand, and be prepared for, the rapidly rising cost of this refrigerant.

BACKGROUND:  The United States is bound by an international environmental agreement, called the Montreal Protocols that limits or bans the production and use of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons, R-12 and others) and HCFCs (hydro chlorofluorocarbons, R-22 and others).  HCFC consumption, the subject of this notice, is required to be reduced in the U.S. by 90% by Jan. 1, 2015.  By January 1, 2020 the U.S. will reduce its consumption even further and allow only the use of HCFCs that have been recovered and recycled/reclaimed.  These refrigerant phase-outs are due to the ozone depleting and/or global warming nature of these chemicals.

RESULT: The cost of HCFCs, particularly R-22 which is a widely utilized refrigerant in air-conditioners, heat pumps, and commercial refrigeration systems, is obeying the rules of supply and demand.  There is still substantial demand for the refrigerant, but the supply is being greatly reduced.  The obvious result is rapidly increasing prices for R-22.  Within the past year we have seen our cost for R-22 triple.

SOLUTION:  Be prepared and plan ahead!  Replacement refrigerants are available, but more often than not, the replacement is more complicated than simply removing the R-22 and “dropping in” a replacement.  There may be issues with oil compatibility, compressor appropriateness, and other system components that may need to be addressed.  Different systems will require different solutions.  Don’t wait until Murphy decides it is time for a problem to occur, make plans now to update your system to a replacement refrigerant on your schedule.

Please contact Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration and we will assist with the process and help you plan.

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