New Stuff

New Stuff

Author: Chris Savage

Here at Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration, we try hard to stay abreast of new technologies, new products, and or new ideas of any kind. Especially as they relate to refrigeration, of course.

Recently I became aware of a couple of new products that I thought I would share.

The first is a new direct expansion, ammonia evaporator manufactured by Evapco. Evapco calls it their “EJET” series. I’m not exactly sure how long Evapco has had this product, but it is new to me. According to Evapco, this system has improved capacity over the traditional DX system by 15-38%, nearing the expected capacity of a recirculated evaporator. Below is a diagram from their website with some explanations. Make sure to check it out on their website or reach out to your Evapco representative to learn more.

The other new (to me) product I wanted to share is a flooded plate and shell heat exchanger made by Vahterus. They call it a “Combined Chiller”. Basically, it combines the heat exchanger and the surge drum into a single, oversized shell. This arrangement significantly simplifies the installation of a flooded chiller. See below for a simple diagram and reach out to them or Carlson & Stewart to get more information.

Although Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration does not yet have much experience with either of these technologies, they seem to be based in solid engineering concepts, and in my opinion have the potential to be very beneficial in the correct application.

If you have an application that you think might be served by these or any other new or existing technologies, give Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration a call. We would be happy to help you determine the best solution to your refrigeration needs.

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