Summer Maintenance


Well we did it. We finally are able to put away the snow shovels, snow blowers, hats and mittens. As the temperatures outside warm, not only do we feel it on our vitamin D deprived skin, but so do our home Air Conditioners and commercial and industrial refrigeration systems.

Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration has tailored preventative maintenance programs for commercial and industrial refrigeration systems to ensure that your operations are impacted as little as possible, even when mother nature makes it hard for them to do so. Cleaning condensers, checking refrigerant charge, replacing filters that are plugged up with Cottonwood seeds (among other things) are all normal practices that we do to make sure you system doesn’t break down at the worst possible time.

On the industrial side, Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration performs similar seasonal tasks and will make sure your evaporative condensers are in good working order by checking spray nozzles, inlet louvers, and fan motor tolerances. We can of course also check all of your interior equipment as well like evaporators, compressors, recirculator pumps, etc. Contact Carlson & Stewart Refrigeration to make sure you refrigeration systems continue to keep your facility cool in the hot summer!

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