Jayson Noetzelman

Hydrocarbons in Refrigeration

Hydrocarbons such as Propane, Propylene, and Isobutane are great natural refrigerants that are successfully used in commercial refrigeration appliances today. Hydrocarbons can boast the low global warming potentials regulators are looking for without being Ozone depleting. So why don’t they get as much airtime as other natural refrigerants such as ammonia and CO2? Perhaps the

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Evaporator Condenser Passivation

If you have ever been involved in buying or installing a new evaporatively cooled condenser, then you’ve probably heard about evaporative condenser passivation. You probably heard it is important and a process you should strive to complete. But if you are like many owners, operators, or heck even refrigeration engineers, that’s probably where your knowledge

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Secondary Refrigerants Are Worth A Second Look

Secondary Refrigerants Are Worth A Second Look All refrigeration systems, at their very core, convert electrical energy into heat removal potential. Primary refrigerants typically do this via the refrigeration cycle of compressing, condensing, expanding and evaporating. Secondary refrigerants typically transfer heat from place to place without changing phase. Volatile secondary refrigerants are the exception to

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